Malm's Big Stop Vehicle Anti-Theft Device

A serious drawback of "engine kill switches" is that you must remember to switch it on each time you leave your car. A product that overcomes that weakness is called BIG STOP.

Designed by the President of Malm's back in 1982, over 100,000 have been protecting cars and trucks in New York alone. Once installed, Big Stop will automatically prevent a thief from starting your vehicle even if you've left your key in the ignition!

Popular Science gave it an entire page write-up all the way back in April of 1983. You can see the actual PS article if you click here. Big Stop activates itself when the motor is turned off.

It's completely automatic so insurance companies classify it as a "PASSIVE DISABLING DEVICE". Most give up to a 15% yearly discount if you have one installed. Call your insurer to verify the discount they offer.

The easily hidden dull black contol box is only 2" x 2.5" x 1.375". If you are handy and really understand automobile wiring, you should be able to install it in about an hour. If you can't, check with a local auto stereo or car alarm installation center.

It is a completely silent anti-theft device. Police authorities consider this type system to be one of the most effective vehicle theft deterrents. Ask your local police department's auto theft division.

Kit comes complete with instructions, an Insurance Discount Certificate and a total bypass feature for valet parking or when you bring your car in for servicing.

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