Malm's Concentrated Carnauba Wax

1/2 Pint

Malm's liquid contains only the finest blends of Carnauba and is very concentrated. You only need a tiny amount to give you all the protection you need! We recommend putting just four or five drops onto a damp sponge or cloth applicator. This should cover about 4 square feet. Lightly buff with a soft cotton cloth or our special Sydano about 10 minutes after application for an unbelievable improvement in your vehicle's gloss.

Some think Malm's is expensive. Yet, a half pint of Malm's Concentrated Carnauba Wax will do up to 25 mid size cars. It is extremely easy to apply and buff off and it won't discolor black trim like some waxes do.

It costs you less than $2.00 to wax your car... even if you drive a stretch limo! Not only is it inexpensive, but you are getting absolutely the best shine possible.

Unlike most car waxes that become unusable after a few years, Malm's will last indefinitely on your shelf. We package Malm's in a clear plastic bottle. The wax stays fresh- plus you know exactly how much you have ready for the next waxing.

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