Malm's Extreme Concentrate Carnuaba Paste Wax

Made in very limited quantities and Only for perfectionists! Contains the highest percentages of Brazilian Ivory Carnauba and #1 Yellow Carnauba Wax, the finest Carnauba waxes available today. Ivory Carnauba is converted to clear Carnauba during our hand formulating process. Excellent for clear coats and all color paints. You'll get the highest water bead contact angle. You'll hope for rain just to see the perfectly round spheres of water that reflect light like precious diamonds. Water quickly flies right off as you drive. Wax consistency is extremely smooth. You will not believe how easy it applies and buffs off.

Malm's Extreme Concentrate Carnauba Paste Wax does not need to 'cure' on the paint. Only waxes with amino-functional silicone ingredients 'cure' when exposed to the humidity in air. Amino Functional Silicones can make repairs and repainting difficult.

No unusual application techniques. No need to wipe off within 10 seconds of application to prevent paint streaking. A common problem of paste waxes with high carnauba content. Apply to your entire car. Then only a gentle buff with a cotton cloth brings your paint to a rich gleaming gloss. Buffing is child's play! Or if you follow my special application instructions, buffing may not be needed at all!

Does not contain even a speck of abrasives or polishing material.

No paint damaging ingredients.

Compare with your favorite wax in a side by side test. Look for depth of color, ease of application, durability and water beading.

If you know how great our liquid Carnauba wax works, you'll really love the results of this Extreme Concentrate paste.

This product is only available to those that have previously ordered and used our Liquid Carnauba Wax and are thoroughly satisfied with its performance. In addition, as this is a custom made product, our money back guarantee does not apply. If you want to order it call 914-764-5775.

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