Kolinsky Speed Waxer

Kolinsky Speed Waxer, handle and two replaceable foam pads

This new invention slashes normal waxing time in half while reducing fatigue and carpal tunnel syndrome. With the old way of waxing, most people use only their fingertips on a cloth or sponge to apply waxing pressure. At best, only two square inches are covered at a time. That's why waxing takes so long. This recently patented, hand-powered tool weighs just two ounces. It's ergonomic handle press- fits into a 4" diameter, washable and replaceable foam pad. Force from the hand, wrist and forearm is evenly transmitted to the entire bottom of the soft pad. Coverage spreads to over 12 square inches. This speeds application and also prevents the swirl marks caused by ordinary finger pressure polishing methods. It's claimed to be safe on all paints including clear coat. Comes with two foam pads.


Kolinsky Speed Waxer Replacement Pads

4 Replacement Foam Pads for Speed Waxer handle.