Malms Sydano Ultra-Performance Cloth - Single

Sydano is a space age, super absorbent material from Asia that has many uses. Almost 100,000 tiny fibers in just one square inch. Although it is not abrasive in any way, it magically grasps dirt stuck to any smooth surface and lifts it away. It is excellent for both washing and drying your car. Makes removal of both Polish and Wax residues much faster and easier than using cotton towels. After washing my vehicles, I use a Hokopingee to remove 99% of the water and follow closely behind with a dry Sydano. This assures that all water is removed and prevents any formation of mineral deposits or waterborne films. You will be amazed at how Sydano eliminates the streaking on paint and glass caused by hard water. You will not believe how clean your vehicle's paint and windshield will look after using this miracle cloth. Give a few Sydano's to your wife. They work great on mirrors, window glass, counter tops and furniture. Will make her housework easier.


Malms Sydano Ultra-Performance Cloth - Six (6) Pack