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Malm's Ordering Information

It appears that regardless of heightened security measures taken by large companies, banks and credit card providers, theft of credit card and personal information continues unabated. In light of the rampant and drastic increases in credit card fraud, I.D. theft and credit card account hacking we have decided to take an unusual step. To protect both our customers and our own business security we have discontinued the acceptance of credit cards for payment.

You may still order through Amazon or mail a personal check, bank check or postal money order. We realize this is an inconvenience and contrary to the way most companies do business today. We urge you to reduce or eliminate the posting of your personal information and to be very cautious if using your credit card on the internet.

Simply print out our order form, enter the items you wish to order and include payment to cover the cost of the items and shipping charges. Please include the applicable sales tax if your order is shipping to anywhere in New York state. ( do not send cash ) Mail to: Malm Chemical Corp., PO Box 300, Pound Ridge, NY 10576-0300

Jay Kolinsky
Malm Chemical Corp.