Malm's Carnauba Wax and Polish outshines anything

...and we mean anything, or UPS* will pick it up for a full refund!         

Since 1979 we've had so much confidence in our quality formulas we make this extraordinary guarantee. Use Malm's on half your car, your favorite wax on the other half. If you can't see an amazing improvement over your wax within 2 months, we will authorize you to ship your order back to us. We'll issue a full refund including the shipping!

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Malm's Carnauba Wax and Polish Will Outshine All Other Waxes and Polishes... and We Really Mean... ALL of them !

Yes...regardless of other manufacturer's claims, we are so absolutely certain Malm's products will give your vehicle's paint the highest mirror-like gloss and deepest color possible, we continue to make this extraordinary guarantee.

Use either Malm's Ultra-Fine Polish or Malm's Polish & Glaze and then a thin coat of Malm's Concentrated Liquid Carnauba Wax on half of your vehicle's hood. Apply your favorite products on the other half. If you don't agree that the Malm's treated side is far, far superior in reflectivity, absence of swirl marks, depth of color, overall gloss and shine or even if friends and complete strangers don't ask, "When did you have your vehicle repainted?" or "What kind of wax do you use?", simply notify us within 2 months of receiving your order. We'll immediately have UPS* come to your home, pick up our products and give you a FULL refund including all shipping charges! Yes....we will return every penny you paid. Compare our guarantee with those for other products.

We have been making this unique offer since 1979, when we first started in business. Obviously we would not have been around all these years if we were not completely honest with potential customers about our products and their capabilities...



Dennis DiMatteo
I've been using your wax for over 12 year. For the past 2 years, I've demo many other "best" waxes and polishes . I have literally a "graveyard" of products. After trying all of them, I recently received an order form (finally) and went back to Malm's . My God, how I missed your product! My red 1993 NSX never looked so good, so easy to apply and remove, I don't know how (or why ) I strayed off for the last 2 years.
I'm back and loving your wax once again.

Keep up the good work
Dennis A. DiMatteo,
Rhode Island
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