Malm's Carnauba Wax and Polish outshines anything

...and we mean anything, or UPS* will pick it up for a full refund!         


Since 1979 we've had so much confidence in our quality formulas we make this extraordinary guarantee. Use Malm's on half your car, your favorite wax on the other half. If you can't see an amazing improvement over your wax within 2 months, we will authorize you to ship your order back to us. We'll issue a full refund including the shipping!


Bob Sullivan (Malm's Customer since 1986)
I have been using your products for longer than
I can remember and recommend them to my
friends. I have used your cleaner and wax
exclusively on my 1988 Porsche
911 Turbo since new. It's
black and you can't see
a single swirl mark after
100K miles! Now my
new Ferrari 512TR
is getting
and it

Great Falls, VA
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Ever see a car that shines like a mirror? Gleams like wet paint? Think it's done with the store bought wax you've got?            NO WAY!
But... Malm's will give you that phenomenal finish! Friends and strangers will ask, "How do you get it so shiny?" "Freshly painted?" or simply, "It looks fantastic!"

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